Eesti Killustik is a company that is helping to build a more beautiful Estonia.

Who we are?

OÜ Eesti Killustik is an Estonian company with Estonian owners and we are engaged in extraction of natural resources and production and sale of different construction materials. The company’s history goes back more than 30 years and today we have operations in 16 quarries around the country. We have 60 people working daily on our team.

Our values are


Respect and admiration for employees, the local community, natural resources, the environment and legislation.


Openness and fairness within the organization, in communication with customers, local inhabitants and society.


Effectiveness for customers: we create value added with our good network of quarries, high-quality products, soppy lines and fair prices.

Capacity for growth

Capacity for growth, ensured by investment into cleaner technologies, a developing organization and growing customer loyalty through stable quality.
Eesti Killustik’s customers are mainly road and infrastructure construction companies, construction contractors, producers of concrete and other construction mixes, and also individuals building different objects.

Products and quarries

In developing extraction sites with a good quality of natural resources, our aim is to maximize the value of the natural resources and offer our customers high quality crushed stone, gravel, sand and other fillers.

Our main products are:

  • crushed limestone
  • sand
  • gravel and other fillers

The goal of Eesti Killustik is to offer a product with a stable and measured quality with properties that the customers can always rely on. The final product is produced pursuant to European and Estonian standards EN13242, EN13043, EN12620, EN13285 and legislation and undergoes inspection at our laboratory in Eivere. All units that produce for Eesti Killustik have been issued a production control certificate that ensures the stable high quality of products. Also we do regular oversight in all our quarries and production lines.

The limestone, sand and gravel quarries operated by Eesti Killustik are located all over Estonia, and thanks to that, our customers save on transport and time. See locations of our quarries.

Rõstla quarrier in Jõgevamaa
Sand lizard (Lacerta agilis)


We always make a special effort of ensuring that local communities and natural environments are well cared after and protected during all our quarrying processes.

  • When choosing a quarry location, we make sure that it is as far as possible from settlements and nature conservation sites. Before quarrying begins, we thoroughly investigate the local geology, water regime and biota.
  • Preparatory work and smart planning are important when it comes to minimizing the impacts of our activity. While extraction is underway, we constantly monitor the situation and use the alleviatory measures for mitigating noise (noise barriers), dust pollution (sprinklers, watering), water balance problems (sedimentation pools) and vibrations (changing to a different technology).
  • To protect flora and fauna, we halt work in certain months in specific quarries for the benefit of protected birds and other animals.
  • When closing quarries, we restore the site to a natural condition, by planting young trees, establishing a body of water or other relief feature best suited for the given environment.